The Prayer


I thought today it would be good to say a few words about prayer. We’ve touched on this before but my attention was drawn back to it when I listened to Rev Ike speaking about this a little while ago.

Firstly, every thought you think is a prayer. Worry, for example, is praying for things you don’t want.

Wishing other people or situations would change so that your situation could improve is similarly praying for more of the stuff others are doing that you claim is pissing you off!

So what to do?

Well, instead of asking for the situation to change, this week, why not try asking for you to change instead? As Rev. Ike said, “Change me!”. And this really struck a chord with me because it’s exactly what Tosha Silver wrote about in her book “Change Me Prayers” – well worth a read if this idea resonates with you.

The fact is, of course, people don’t change. You can force them… for a bit. You can coerce them. You can bully them into doing what you want but all that leads to is resentment and the destruction of perfectly good relationships.

People – and situations – just are. We can accept that fact or we can endeavour to change them… and eventually pay the price for letting our ego rule the roost.

Far better, then, to start the work within. Let’s get our own house in order before we start trying to move heaven and hell to tidy up other peoples’.

For example, the rationale for this blog is to help you move into a life that truly brings you joy. You should be able to say you love your life. If not, why do what you do?

So, you may be thinking (praying) things like… if only the economy was better and there were more jobs… what happens if the redundancy money runs out… how do I attract clients… etc. etc. In other words, hoping external things over which you have little or no control would change.

What if, instead, you spun it around to something like: Change Me into… someone who can thrive in any economy no matter what… someone who isn’t reliant on redundancy money for their supply but can draw effortlessly from the opulence of the universe… someone who easily finds the right people to work with at the right time, like a magnet drawing to it the things that are most mutually attracted.

Can you feel the difference in that approach? In other words, let the Divine work on you, through you, to bring into reality the best outcomes for you and Her – and everyone else who needs to be involved.

As Abraham Hicks often says, put your boat in the water and let it flow downstream. Stop trying to paddle against the tide.

Everything is perfect just as it is, including you. But if you truly desire more magic in your life, let the change for the better begin in you, in your mind. Ask and you will be shown, that’s just how the Law works. Experiment with this this week and…

Expect Miracles!

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