To support you in your process of Transformation, I use two primary modalities to support the coaching process:

  1. Ho’oponopono
  2. A Course in Miracles

Both are concerned with the need to take 100% responsibility for our lives and to give and receive forgiveness. They also both require you to ‘let go and let God’.

No matter what has happened in your work life, I am convinced that putting faith in love and forgiveness can turn around any situation. The Urantia Book puts it this way (188:5.2):

“Divine love does not merely forgive wrongs; it absorbs and actually destroys them. The forgiveness of love utterly transcends the forgiveness of mercy. Mercy sets the guilt of evil-doing to one side; but love destroys forever the sin and all weakness resulting therefrom. Jesus brought a new method of living to Urantia. He taught us not to resist evil but to find through him a goodness which effectually destroys evil. The forgiveness of Jesus is not condonation; it is salvation from condemnation. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right. True love does not compromise nor condone hate; it destroys it. The love of Jesus is never satisfied with mere forgiveness. The Master’s love implies rehabilitation, eternal survival. It is altogether proper to speak of salvation as redemption if you mean this eternal rehabilitation.

Authors, Multiple. The Urantia Book: New and Improved Ebook (p. 2018). Uversa Press. Kindle Edition.

In Ho’oponopono this is the equivalent of the Divinity transmuting the data, the memories replaying that cause our problems when we remember to clean. By instigating the Ho’oponopono process we can free ourselves, the memories and everyone else who shares the memory from the problems they cause.

It’s a win-win situation and it has the potential to work wonders for your business!

If you want to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch!