Cracking Your Money Code begins with discovering your dominant Sacred Money Archetype. Are you an Accumulator, Alchemist or a Celebrity? Perhaps you’re more of a Connector, a Maverick or a Nurturer? Or maybe you’re a true Romantic or possibly even a Ruler!

Each of these Archetypes has its own specific Strengths, Challenges and Gifts to bring to the world that can empower your life and your business. And importantly, each has its own Sacred Money Contract to fulfill in this particular lifetime.

This is your opportunity to launch into the rest of 2024 with the Empowering Money Mindset you need to honour your Contract and develop the mindset and skills that will enable you to fulfill it!

If this sounds good to you, I am currently offering a FREE Sacred Money Archetypes® reading

to three ambitious women as my Equinox gift to you!

Your Reading will take place via Zoom and together we will review your top three Archetypes and explore how the characteristics of your dominant Archetype could challenge as well as empower your progress…

The first thing you need to do is: download the Quiz – it’s a fillable pdf to make it easy.

This Quiz will identify the traits and characteristics that are already within you and authentic to you, so you can play to your strengths and not get knocked off course by the challenges.

To fill it in, simply use the rating scale at the top of each page to rate each statement. Choose the rating that is truest for you and please be HONEST – don’t pick the answer you ‘wish’ was true or think is the ‘best’ one. Don’t overthink it. Your first intuitive answer will be the best.

It should only take 8-10 minutes to complete the Quiz, if that. This isn’t a ‘test’! You can’t get it wrong. No particular Archetype is ‘better’ or more desirable than another. Just go with what Divine Inspiration gives you!

And if you have a tie amongst the top three Archetypes, don’t worry, we can resolve that when we speak.

Once you’ve completed the Quiz, just email it to me at hello@iamdynamicdivinity.com.

Remember, once these Readings have been claimed, that’s it! So don’t delay, send me your Assessment today!