7 Spiritual Ways to Revolutionize Your Money Mindset for Unlimited Wealth

Are you living life full out, on your terms, doing work you love?

Do you have enough money put aside to see you through a comfortable retirement?

If the answer to these questions is ‘no’ and the voice in your head is telling you something needs to change, I can assure you, you’re in the right place!

Your tenure on planet earth isn’t a ‘test’. You came here to experience all the good stuff life has to offer.

But somehow, over the years, things got turned around.

The dreams you had growing up about the amazing adventures you’d have, the glittering career, the bank account full of cash…

… has all gone to s-h-1-t.

Even though you did everything ‘right’.

You studied hard. Got a ‘good job’. Rose up through the ranks. Even saved into a pension.

So why, then, if you followed all the rules, is there still too much month left at the end of the money?

And why are you working too many hours at a job you don’t even like any more for the privilege?

The good news is, it’s never too late to take a change in direction that will give you full autonomy over your life.

But with every minute that passes and you don’t start the process, you’re missing out – big time!

So let’s debunk some established ‘truths’ once and for all and I’ll share some of the secrets I’ve used to turn the ship around.

Sound good?

Get comfy and we’ll go on a little journey…

1. How to create unlimited income

Don’t be fooled by job ‘security’. The only way to become wealthy is to have a ‘job’ with no limit on your income.

You do that by developing a full or part time business of your own where no-one else has the power to limit what you earn.

So, what business could you start – as a side venture if necessary? This is where you get to choose your own hours… and income! Now, commit!

2. How to give up your money excuses

Name a situation where you make an excuse regarding money in any area of life. Maybe you’re hesitant to invest in yourself because you ‘can’t afford it’.

Now, what if this excuse were to disappear and you couldn’t use it anymore? What would you need to let go of?

In letting go of the excuse you create an opportunity to value yourself and move in a more profitable direction. What does that look like? Get going!

3. How to fall in love with your debts

Do your debts paralyze you with fear? Give you a knot in the stomach? Do you put off looking at your credit card statements?

Well, what if instead of fearing and avoiding your debts, you could learn to love them? With Ho’oponopono you can do just that!

You can learn to ‘love your enemies’. Acknowledge your feelings, whatever they are and say “I love you” to each one. Divinity will set you – and them – free!

4. How to focus, gain clarity and stop wasting time

Do you find yourself procrastinating, scattering your energy and not focussing on the important stuff? Fear not. You’re not alone!

Simply notice the procrastination starting and use Ho’oponopono to get the Divine Inspiration you need to get grounded, stop spinning your wheels and get moving in the right direction.

Like debt, procrastination and scattered energy can be loved to death! Repeat with me over and over, ‘I love you’ and Divinity will do the rest!

5. How to stop ‘Groundhog Days’ affecting your finances

Protagonist Phil Connors was forced to relive the same day thousands of times. Many of us relive the same financial situations on a similar loop.

Like Phil we can learn to spot the trends and give ourselves the power to change them. We can even work them to our advantage!

When you notice you’re in a financial ‘loop’ don’t curse it. Instead, love it to death with Ho’oponopono and let Divinity break the cycle!

6. How to find work you love in a ‘competitive’ market

“We’re in recession”, “there’s high unemployment”, “there’s a cost-of-living crisis”. On and on it goes. And you want to do work you love? Just like that?

Well, many people do creative, fulfilling – and highly paid – work that they love! Why shouldn’t you? What’s the secret?

Allow Divinity to guide you to perfect work. Love your current work situation to death because loving it allows the Divine to bring you the good stuff. Trust the process!

7. How to shift your attitude to money

Does money seem to avoid you? Is it difficult to hang on to? Does it slip through your fingers like sand?

Tell me how you treat money. Consider it to be a person with feelings. Do you quietly curse the fact it doesn’t hang around or do you love it regardless?

I’d recommend you love money. In fact, say ten times “I love money!” You have to treat money with respect – start respecting it today!

If not now, when?

So, you’ve now had a chance to think about your financial situation and how you could change it to take back control of your time and your income.

You’ve managed to notice your own brand of financial ‘Groundhog Days’ and know what to do to break free.

You’ve done some coaching around your money excuses and know what to do to break the cycle.

You’ve done the ground work.

It’s now time to take action!

Imagine what it would be like to have your own successful business that provides time as well as money freedom…

Imagine where you’d be living and with whom if money was no longer an issue…

Imagine who you could help or support if you had enough money to ‘share and spare’…

Come on, tell me, what would all that be worth to you?

What would it enable you to start doing? Or stop doing?

You owe it to yourself to take the leap and get going. So right now, take your list of potential business ideas and choose one you can start progressing today.

Just one. You can diversify when you’ve got one idea up and running successfully but until then, pick one horse to ride, saddle up and get going!

Not tomorrow… right now.

What will happen if you don’t?