What is a problem?


One of the key concepts of Ho’oponopono is understanding the answer to the question “What is a problem?”

Let’s think about that for a moment.

What do you think a problem is?

The stuff “out there”? The traffic? Worry? Fear? Paying the rent? An argument with the boss or your nearest and dearest? Lack of money? A broken leg? Overwhelm? Stress?


On this matter Ho’oponopono and A Course in Miracles (ACIM) are in full alignment.

Ho’oponopono states a problem is: the data – the memories – replaying in your subconscious mind that bubble up to the conscious and cause you upset. Or, they may remain hidden and forgotten in the subconscious but nevertheless sabotage you for days, weeks, months, years, generations.

If someone gives you a hard time, it isn’t them – the real them – giving you a hard time, it’s the data! They wouldn’t be giving you a hard time if you didn’t at some unconscious level have a shared memory that would trigger the data to start playing.

It is this data that keeps you from being who you really are. The data keeps you detached from the Divine. And ACIM states that you only have ONE real problem and that is separation from God.

In ACIM terms, all problems/upsets are exactly the same regardless of what you might call them.

Ho’oponopono is therefore a simple but very different tool that can help you get right back to God/Divinity/Source/Universe in any moment. As soon as something bad (or good!) shows up in your life, love, love, love it to death! (Love your enemies!)

The cleaning tools of saying “I love you”, “I’m sorry”, “please forgive me” and “thank you” will petition Divinity to erase the memories (data) that have caused the issue, not only for you but for everyone else through all generations past and present. No-one need know what you’re up to, but they will feel the results nevertheless!

This is serious work we are up to here!

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Expect Miracles!

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