Let’s face it, Inspiration is everything!

When you are in alignment with Divinity, inspiration is what you get. You “see” clearly – not with the physical eyes, but with the mind.

This is what it means in A Course in Miracles when it says “Above all else I want to see.” And it is also true that such “Vision has no cost to anyone… It can only bless.”

Things fall into place. Life becomes effortless. The purpose becomes clear. Blessings indeed!

I hope that today you experience more than your fair share of inspiration!

And perhaps the easiest way to get into that state of alignment, is Ho’oponopono.

Do a Ho’oponopono on your problems. Do a Ho’oponopono on your relationships. Do a Ho’oponopono on your business or work life. No subject is off limits.

Ho’oponopono on what you love about your life and what you don’t much care for. Love all of it, the good and the bad.

As Jesus said, “Love your enemies.” Your enemies are nothing more than memories replaying and causing chaos.

Here is the way to inner peace. Let go and trust the Divinity to make right in your life everything that currently seems “wrong”! Your willingness is everything.