Lesson 73: I will there be light.

I will there be light.

In short, this is the will that I share with God.

The ego – the data – puts its faith in the meaningless, the transient, things of no consequence and no power. The ego puts energy into grievances which, as I now know, are an attack on God and on myself.

But in the light is the power that creates worlds and systems of worlds and keeps everything spinning in perfect proximity!

Grievances (memories replaying) are like what ‘Ihaleakalā would describe as looking at the world through sunglasses – all I see is a darkened world. But if I can forgive with Ho’oponopono, I can take the shades off and see the light clearly with Inspiration!

I will be confident today that I will see past the darkness to the light. I will remind myself that:

“I will there be light. Let me behold the light that reflects God’s Will and mine.”

… and I will then repeat the key phrases of Ho’oponopono to cement my will in my mind:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

And should a grievance attempt to lead me into temptation I will say:

“I will there be light. Darkness is not my will.”

Above all else, I want to see. Above all else I want to see through Divine Inspiration that the light might bring Heaven a step closer to me today.

“I will there be light. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”