ACIM Lesson 135: If I defend myself I am attacked.

This is an interesting one.

The Course tells me that “The body is in need of no defence.”

That this ‘self’ with which I identify is not real.

I’m sure the people in Ukraine would beg to differ on this point.

But it is my mind and its data that are constantly trying to convince me that the body needs to be protected.

In fact, according to the Course, the body is only an instrument that the mind uses until the body’s usefulness is over, the body is completely separate from my true Self. And if I were to see the body that way, it would become gloriously healthy.

It is the roles that the data assigns to the body, that it cannot fulfil, that make it sick.

It is my thoughts about my body that need healing if the body is to be well.

And if I could only completely let go and let God, let Him lead the way, and listen out for Divine Inspiration to tell me where to go, what to do, what to say and to whom, my ‘problems’ would be over! It is my trying to control situations – put up defences – and plan the outcomes that are in fact causing the problems and keeping me stuck! D’oh!

And how do I ‘plan’ my seeming defence?

I rely on the past to tell me what future experiences could come my way. And so I waste my time with vain imaginings when all I really need to do is rely on the present to provide whatever is needed for a permanently perfect future outcome.

I will let go of my defences today. And the fastest way to do that is to clean with the key words of Ho’oponopono:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

Thank you for allowing me to know that through the cleaning all my ‘problems’ are being solved. And when they are solved for me, they are solved for all of us and the entire world, through all generations.

Now that’s something worth giving up illusions for!

“If I defend myself I am attacked. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”