4. What is Sin?

Put simply by the Course, “Sin is insanity.”

Sin is where I am when I am distracted so much by the illusions of the world that I think they are true.

My senses deceive me. They can give me knowledge, but knowledge is not necessarily wisdom or the truth.

My body is merely an instrument for learning. The mind created it in an attempt to deceive itself. So I can indeed strive to identify with the chaos of the world, or, I can choose instead to see the truth. I can, as the Course says, be willing to see things differently. My senses can then become tuned to seek for what is true.

Sin is so much of an illusion, it can offer ‘proof’ that what is meaningless is real, that people are evil and that what has immortality can actually die.

Sin convinces me I am nothing more than a body that can be affected and even killed by the happenings in the world. But thankfully, God never forgets who I am and is always ready to welcome me home.

The question is how long do I wish to keep playing with the painful toys of sin? When will I make the decision to finally go home?

There is no sin because God did not create it. We did and we all bought into it. I helped. And therefore I am willing to take 100% responsibility to clean up some of the mess! I don’t want to hold back Heaven a second longer than I need to. I can choose today and every day hence to come back to my senses. This, now, becomes my goal and Ho’oponopono is the key to help me achieve it.