5. What is the Body?

5. What is the Body?

According to the Course, the body is the fence we use to recognise our separateness from one another and from God. We think we are safe within it and yet in the same breath can acknowledge the body can die and therefore us along with it.

The body is not permanent. And this merely reinforces the insane idea that the ‘fence’ is working, keeping love at bay. If oneness could be recognised, what need for attack would there be? To hurt you is to hurt myself, multiplied. In keeping with the illusion of separateness is fear allowed to grip the world, so deep is it entrenched in the world psyche.

The body is a dream” says the Course and therefore prone to swing from occasional happiness to outright fear in an instant. The good news is that the body will serve the purpose given it. And so, if I change what I think the body is for I can change its purpose for good.

The body can therefore be the means by which I return to sanity. Thank God! And through forgiveness I can give the body a holy purpose that will ultimately heal my mind. Remember this, dear reader: “You will identify with what you think will make you safe”. Love is the truth. Fear does not exist. I-Dentify then, with love. For there you will find Heaven and your true Self.