6. What is the Christ?

What is the Christ?

Quite simply, the Christ is the I-Dentity we all share, that unites us with each other and Divinity as well. It is us as God created us.

Our true I-Dentity – our Aumakua – abides unchanged forever in the Mind of God. The Aumakua is our never-ending link to the Divinity, making separation from God impossible. No matter what I may perceive is going on, the Aumakua, the Christ Self, is always tuned into the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

The Course explains that this aspect of myself is the only part of me that is actually real. ‘The rest is dreams.’ And yet I can still use these dreams to uncover my true Self. By asking forgiveness through Ho’oponopono and petitioning Divinity to transmute the data to void, I give the Aumakua a chance to shine forth and let me see with Divine Inspiration!

The Course asks that I seek to find Christ’s face in everything and to look on nothing else. To live in a constant state of Divine Inspiration would be Heaven indeed!

Nothing else is needed, for this holy Self, this Aumakua, my internal Father, is just as God created me. And when the Aumakua and my internal Mother – the Uhane – and inner Child – the Unihipili – are combined into a unit of one, there is peace and power and strength beyond all understanding.