8. What Is the Real World?

8. What Is the Real World?

My world is seen through the eyes of fear – the memories and data. I’m wearing the shades or a VR headset that distorts my vision and perception of reality while keeping it seemingly real.

The real world, the Course tells me, can only be perceived ‘… through eyes forgiveness blesses, so they see a world where terror is impossible and witnesses to fear can not be found’.

The real world corrects the illusions I seem to witness here on earth. Each sin – and a ‘sin’ is merely a mistake – has a perfect opposite in the real world. The real world is a world seen differently, a peaceful place of happiness and perfection. This gift of sight is there for the taking by any mind that has forgiven itself.

And a mind thusly at peace can only witness joy. Peace. Happiness. And all the good stuff I claim to want. It could not judge and get lost in the data because there would be no data to get lost in and judgement would thus become impossible.

The real world symbolises the end of illusions of sin and guilt. In the real world am I finally and truly awake, in a place where time ends because time no longer has any purpose. Here is the peace beyond all understanding!

At this point the Holy Spirit has no need for time but will wait just one more instant for God Himself to take the final step and let time disappear. All that is left then is the truth. The real world. My true Self at home with God in a life that never ends in a world forgiven.

In the real world is my I-Dentity, which my forgiveness has restored to me.