11. What Is Creation?

What Is Creation?

Quite simply, Creation is the infinite and limitless sum of God’s thoughts, of which I am one and you are another.

God’s thoughts have always been and always will be.

For Love alone creates and, creates just like itself!

God’s Thoughts share His power. And as His Son, I share in that power to create. This is a wonderful thing but also a big responsibility!

Creation is the truth for it never deals with illusions, the data that keeps me stuck. In Creation am I one with God and everything else even though to the human sense I am a separate entity running about. This is not truth. I am never separate but sinless and joined with Him.

As a Son of God, I am creation. Even in the midst of the memories replaying there is still an inkling in my mind, the idea that I share complete unity with God. An idea never leaves its source! His Love never leaves me, not even for an instant and so my function is to let God’s Will be done by remembering I am as He Created me.

Through forgiveness I will hear His Voice and come to realise His Holiness remains forever a part of me.