The Choice

Hello again!

Let’s assume you’ve now started your own seven-day challenge to start down a new path. Even if you haven’t, now is an excellent time to do it!

Today, I’d like you to remember at all times that God is the source of your supply. He will provide the situations, people and events necessary to help you move forward but… you have to show up. You can’t expect the muses to write your opera for you. You will not wake up tomorrow morning and find a completed manuscript by the bed. You need to be there physically, showing the universe you’re serious!

The good news is that showing up is actually quite easy and painless. Here’s how to do it.

Yesterday the question was “who do you intend to be?” When you say “I Am…” what is the “that” that you are being?

This is where you get to dream a little. This is where you get to decide exactly what you choose to be known for in this lifetime.

As a result of the Covid crisis a lot of people have had, possibly for the first time whether through job loss or a glimpse of their own mortality, an opportunity to finally re-evaluate what they’re doing and ask themselves honestly “Is this job / work / career really what I want to do for the rest of my life? Is this really all there is?”

We can therefore expand yesterday’s question to “What does perfect self-expression look like to you?” and ask ourselves three questions:

Firstly: what would you do all day every day if you could? What is the work you feel called to do?

Secondly: given the choice, how long would you “work” – hours per day, days per week, weeks per month, months per year?

Thirdly: how much do you intend to earn doing this?

There are lots of people earning lots more than you without putting in a stressful 40+ hour week. You can decide, right now, that you’re going to be one of them!

If you can start getting an idea of your own brand of perfect work growing and becoming fixed in your mind you’re well on the way towards it. Write your answers down and make them physical. Read them every day, adding to them and amending if necessary. And for the time being, keep them to yourself unless you have very open minded and supportive people around you. We don’t need this seedling of an idea to be crushed under foot before it even has a chance to establish itself!

Dream wildly today. Think about how nice it would be if you were now doing that ideal work in an ideal way helping ideal clients for ideal pay! Play with that and feel the relief of how fabulous it would be.

And if the voice in your head says “Yeah, right, you’ll never do it!” fear not. We will cover this in tomorrow’s missive, but until then, dream, play and…

Expect Miracles!

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