Bob Proctor


Sad news! Bob Proctor passed away on 3 February. Along with ˋIhaleakalā, Bob has been a “go to” mentor of mine for many years.

I don’t think he ever met ˋIhaleakalā but Bob’s work with paradigms shares many cross-overs with Ho’oponopono.

If you’ve ever seen Bob give a presentation, you will be familiar with the ‘Stick Man’ he used to illustrate the conscious and unconscious minds. ˋIhaleakalā had his own illustration of the mind that took this a step further and included the superconscious (Aumakua) and Divine Creator. But Bob was right on the money when he talked about paradigms being stored in the subconscious (Unihipili) and the need to deal with the negative ones that keep us stuck.

As we know from Ho’oponopono, the subconscious is where all the memories and data are stored. Erase the data and you erase the paradigms that are keeping you stuck. And the first step to doing that is to start taking really good care of your Unihipili – ˋIhaleakalā called this the most important relationship in the Universe – because no matter what you may consciously think, the Child is running the show!

If you feel inspired, I would recommend starting that process today if you haven’t already.

Let the Child help you petition Divinity to gently erase all the negativity that’s keeping you stuck, playing small.

If you’re afraid to speak up and share your message, you can choose to take 100% responsibility for that and clean on it. If you’re scared to charge what you’re worth, you can choose to take 100% responsibility for that and clean on it. If you’re having difficulty connecting with ideal clients, you can choose to take 100% responsibility for that and clean on it. If you’re… well, hopefully you get the idea!

Whether you’re in business for yourself or someone else, think about the benefits that developing a loving relationship with the Inner Child could bring you:

  • Connection with the “right” clients…
  • Connection with the perfect colleagues…
  • Selection of the ideal business premises…
  • Raising your fees with authenticity and integrity to a level that beautifully supports you…
  • Making your way up the ‘career ladder’ with grace and ease… and much more!

There is of course more to it than I’ve discussed here. But if you’re ready to take 100% responsibility and learn more about getting out of your own way, let’s talk! Just click here to connect, I’d love to hear from you and give you more information as to how Ho’oponopono can be the ‘Gold Key’ that unlocks the next level in your life and business. Thank you!

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