The Antidote


So, what do you do when you’ve decided what kind of work you’d like to move into but your mind tells you it can’t be done?

Anything negative that the mind tells you is from the ego. It’s fear-based. It’s not loving. And difficult as it may be to believe, it has no basis in fact.

Your ego has had a lifetime to collect information from parents, teachers, religious leaders, co-workers, bosses, friends and foes to use against you. Information that, from its limited perspective, proves over and over again why you’ll never be able to do what your heart desires.

I have enough material on my failings to fill a library! Several in fact.

But this doesn’t help us when we’re just starting out. What we need is a circuit breaker, a short cut to override what the ego is telling us.

Your subconscious mind is full of data that the ego draws on when you decide you want to try something new. What we need to do is release the negative data and overwrite it with something worth reading. We need an antidote.

The first step in the process is to notice that this is happening. Become conscious to the unconscious garbage that is bubbling up. You can thank it for sharing but then tell it you just aren’t interested any more.

Secondly, write out a description of your ideal work and read it morning and evening and any time in between. Let it inspire you and spend a minute or two imagining in full colour what it would be like to experience that. Add to your description. Keep writing and amending. Feel your way into it. This is very important!

Thirdly, ask the fella upstairs for guidance. He will give it. Any metaphysician will tell you: never ignore a hunch. The only way the universe can communicate with you is through feelings. If you get the urge to act – to call someone, write something, paint something or even read something – do it. Don’t delay. It’s all time sensitive. In this way you get to trust your intuition rather than wonder if it’s just you mind trying to outwit you.

Little steps. That’s what it’s all about, especially in the early stages, which is where we are. It may seem like nothing is happening, that no progress is being made, BUT IT IS! You are writing on the invisible substance of the universe, what Catherine Ponder likes to call “Gold Dust”. You must be patient. But have faith. Keep showing up. The more you do, the more the muses will help you, the faster the wheels will begin to turn.

Finally, if you don’t already, I highly recommend you start a spiritual practice of some sort. Mine involves doing the workbook of A Course In Miracles each year, reading uplifting books – anything by Catherine Ponder is a good place to start if you’re new to this – and, prayer. Just talk to God like you would a good friend. She’d love to hear from you!

There is a lot of love for you out there, more than you can comprehend, regardless of how you’ve been treated by other people – other egos – through life. People are egos, the angels are love. BIG difference! So keep going. Take the little steps. Move forward even just 1% today and…

Expect Miracles!