The Cure


Last week we talked about the voice in the head that holds you back and what to do about it. Today, let’s look in a little more detail as to where that voice came from.

When you arrived here you were perfect, literally a blank slate. Every need was (hopefully) taken care of. You were a gurgling sponge of opportunity!

Then, you began to become aware of people around you and once you learned how to speak and understand what was going on, you immediately started internalizing the messages people were telling you. Presumably you watched television at some point. You might have read the magazines and newspapers that were lying around in your home. You probably went to school and interacted with others your own age and picked up what they were thinking. Then you went to work… and… so on and so on. The fact is, you have been subject to a lot of thoughts and opinions – shared kindly and all too often unkindly – and this now affects how you think.

So when the mind (the ego) snaps back to a good idea and says “I can’t do it”, remember this: it’s not real. It’s fake news! It’s nothing more than a memory re-playing in your subconscious mind based on what you’ve picked up over the years and the miles.

What should you do?

Notice it, love it, bless it and let it go.

Err, did I just say love it and bless it?

Yes indeed! What you resist persists. What you look at, squarely, disappears. Embrace all of it, “good” and “bad” because love is the greatest cure of all.

Is this freedom from self-attack something you can achieve overnight? (because that’s what this is – an attack, self-sabotage, pure and simple). Sometimes, yes. It depends to a degree on the “severity” of the memory that is triggering the attack and how often you like to replay it, but, more importantly, freedom depends on your persistence in consistently loving it to death and hence releasing it.

So today, keep the watchman at the gate. As soon as the voice of doubt asserts itself, notice it, acknowledge it, thank it for sharing and ask to go on it’s way. It just isn’t welcome in your world any more!

To help release it, use the following statement, courtesy of Catherine Ponder…

I now release and am released from everything and everybody that are no longer part of the Divine Plan for my life. Everything and everybody that are no longer part of the Divine Plan for my life now release me.”

… and carry on as you were. Look again at your goal, your reason for being and turn to toward it. Whenever things look bleak, release the negative and cling to the positive like a liferaft.

Remember: you are a spiritual being and all that you wish to see in the world has to start inside before you can hope to see anything on the outside.

So stay alert to your thoughts, love them no matter what and…

Expect Miracles!