The Three Little Lists


Today’s actions are very easy. This will also help with the negative voice syndrome, if you have it.

Emma Curtis Hopkins once said “sit down at a certain time every day and write down on paper what your ideas of good are. You will find that such a practice will pin your mind down to the Truth, and you will demonstrate results.”

So get a cup of your favourite beverage, get a pen and pad and start writing. I think this is much better done with pen and pad than on a screen. It’s more intimate. It’s physical. You can carry your notes with you and look at them any time. You can doodle your ideas and dreams in the margin! So, let’s begin.

I want you to make three lists:

  1. Everything you choose to release from your life
  2. Everything you’d like to attract into your life
  3. Everything you have, right now, to be appreciative of

Assuming there is nothing illegal about what you desire, that no-one else would be hurt in your attaining of those things, the sky and beyond is the limit. This is where you get to put your burning desire down on paper! Go back to your description of your ideal work and include it here and embellish it.

When you’ve finished your lists:

  1. Help release list one by declaring (and/or writing) “I now let go of worn out things, worn out conditions and worn out relationships. Divine order is now established and maintained in me and in my world.” – Catherine Ponder
  2. Boost the good you’d like to invite into your life by writing at the bottom of List two “This or something better, Father, let your own unlimited good be done!” In other words don’t restrict yourself, keep yourself open and your options open to the highest good that can come to you!
  3. Send a silent or verbal blessing to everything on List three and remind yourself that “I now welcome into my world an abundance of wonderful people, things and conditions to add to my list tomorrow!

One final thing to do today, as we’ve covered a lot: I want you to think very carefully about your ideal work, as this is what Dynamic Divinity is really about: helping you find and establish the perfect work for you – what Florence Scovel Shinn referred to as your “perfect self-expression” – earn abundant supply doing it and, importantly, enjoy yourself while helping a lot of people!

Think about that and then relax and review your lists. For best results, revisit these lists and revise them daily.

You’re making excellent progress! Enjoy the rest of your day and…

Expect Miracles!