ACIM Lesson 20

I am determined to see.

Today’s Lesson is very simple. To simply remind myself that I want to see by repeating today’s idea.

However, I think Ho’oponopono is also a useful tool for reminding the conscious mind that I want to see.

If things are in my awareness, I am connected to them somehow. But what their purpose is, I don’t really know. It’s all here to assist my learning and evolution.

After all, I don’t even know what the right thing for me to do this afternoon would be!

But by constantly repeating the idea for today and the Ho’oponopono cleaning phrases:

I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you

… I can keep working on myself so that true Vision becomes possible.

And today, this is what I want.

“I am determined to see. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”