ACIM Lesson 24

I do not perceive my own best interests.

The very first sentence of this Lesson says it all and is worthy of inclusion here:

“In no situation that arises do you realize the outcome that would make you happy.”

I going to read that again and make a note.

This is another instance where ACIM and Ho’oponopono are in complete sync.

How can it be that I do not perceive my own best interests?

Well, I have touched on this many times, but now I really have to get real with the idea that of the millions and millions of bits of information surrounding me at any moment, my conscious can only process about 40.

How then, as I think about how to structure my day, a goal, or the next five or 10 years of my life, can I possibly know what the best thing to do would be?

I can’t!

Only God, the Divinity knows that.

The exercise for today asks me to identify as many goals as possible that are currently on my mind and call them out:

“In the situation involving __________ , I would like __________ to happen and __________ to happen and __________ to happen…”

… including as many outcomes as I can think of. The trick then is for me to confirm whether or not my desired outcomes actually have anything to do with the situation at all. Much of the time, they will not.

I need to remind myself that all I really want is the best and highest outcome to each situation for all concerned. I’ll leave the details of what specifically needs to happen to someone who knows all the facts.

To help change my thinking about these situations, I can clean the situation as well as all desired outcomes with the key words of Ho’oponopono:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’m grateful.

… and then carry on as I was.

“I do not perceive my own best interests. I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. I’m grateful.”