ACIM Lesson 38: There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

There is nothing my holiness cannot do.

This is one of the absolute stand-out Lessons in the Course for me.

In fact, it has become something of a ‘motto’ of mine.

Here lies complete hope and confidence in salvation!

To put the power of today’s idea in perspective, here is the first paragraph of the Lesson:

“Your holiness reverses all the laws of the world. It is beyond every restriction of time, space, distance and limits of any kind. Your holiness is totally unlimited in its power because it establishes you as a Son of God, at one with the Mind of his Creator.”

Wow. Excuse me for a second while I re-read that!

If you’re ever feeling low, just read this and remember who you really are!

Reassuringly, the Lesson informs me “… there is nothing the power of God cannot do.”

I have then, within me, the power to solve any problem that may present itself. However, I have to invite the solution. One way to do that is to start the cleaning. And the great thing about Ho’oponopono is that I don’t even have to know what I’m cleaning on. Just saying the four phrases is enough to move mountains. All I am doing is taking full responsibility for whatever problems I know about or don’t know about. I know that God will do the rest.

Other Spiritual practices will similarly tell me that God can only do for me what I allow Him to do through me. I have to step up to the plate. I have to be available.

And I can’t think of a better way than Ho’oponopono to do that.

So, today, I will apply the idea to troubling situations, whether they appear to affect me personally or involve someone else and their problem. I will remember that if I notice a ‘problem’ in someone else’s life, it’s also in me. I am responsible.

I will use the following words to address each problem as it comes to mind:

“In the situation involving __________ in which I see myself, there is nothing my holiness cannot do.”

And if it’s a situation involving some else, I will say:

In the situation involving __________ in which __________ sees himself, there is nothing my holiness cannot do.”

… and then repeat to it the key words of Ho’oponopono:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

Today’s Lesson is incredibly powerful and points to the absolute truth of my I-Dentity. My holiness has the power to bless me and everyone and everything else!

“There is nothing my holiness cannot do. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”