ACIM Lesson 41: God goes with me wherever I go.

God goes with me wherever I go.

As with there is nothing my holiness cannot do, this idea is another motto of mine.

Here is the end of loneliness, fear, upset and anything else that ever made its way into my thoughts to wreak havoc on a mind that didn’t know what it was doing!

ACIM is a mind-training, a transformation from thoughts of fear to thoughts of love.

But where did the fear and attack thoughts come from in the first place?

According to Ho’oponopono I have been collecting thoughts – data – since the beginning of time, way back through all the generations to the beginning of creation.

I am basically chin deep (at least!) in memories replaying that are keeping me stuck.

And the lower I sink into the mire the more easy it is to forget that God goes with me wherever I go.

And yet, my Source is with me at all times, just waiting for an invitation to start the cleaning. In ACIM too, I am reminded that only my slightest invitation is needed for a little Divine intervention!

So today, I am going to rest easy with the thought that I am never alone because the magnificent Creator that made me is right here, within.

Today I will seek to journey inward, past all the data, the thoughts, going deeper and deeper into my own mind as I try to reach God. This, according to the Course is quite possible if I believe it.

Well, I am willing to put my doubts aside. There is nothing my holiness cannot do! I am ready to connect with my Source.

And Ho’oponopono reminds me that the cleaning will help me do this. As I journey inward, I can repeat the key phrases:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

… although for a journey like this I might just stick with I love you and Thank you.

Peace is here and it’s mine for the asking. Today I say ‘yes please!

“God goes with me wherever I go. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”