9. What Is the Second Coming?

What Is the Second Coming?

This is not, as some believe, Jesus returning to the earth in physical form and saving us all. We already have the tools to save ourselves. We just choose, collectively, not to use them.

Christ’s Second Coming is, actually, the correction of mistakes.

It is the putting aside of the illusions – the data of the world – so they may be replaced by God’s Word. To put it another way: cleaning!

I clean with Ho’oponopono that I may see, speak and move as Divinity.

And once again, forgiveness is the key. ACIM and Ho’oponopono are so in alignment on this!

The Second Coming is all encompassing and limitless – just like God. We are all forgiven and released together. And in so doing we are finally able to recognise ourselves as one as we are restored to our true I-Dentity.

It is a time when learning ends and minds are given back to Christ and the Will of God. And this is why I clean. Not so I can get what I think I want. But so I can get what God wants me to have. I trust that He knows better than I do what is required in any particular moment!

I have a part to play in the Second Coming. God needs my eyes, ears, hands and feet and voice to do His Will. And I am willing! Through forgiveness of myself and my brother I can finally reach my Father’s Love.