12. What Is the Ego?

What Is the Ego?

The Ego does not exist.

It doesn’t exist because it focuses on the negative. It believes in separation, fear and death. These are all attributes to which your real Self – the Aumakua – is blissfully unaware.

In essence, the ego is completely opposed to God and everything He stands for.

To trust in the ego is to trust in insanity!

The ego tells you that of the millions and millions of bits of information, the 40 or so of which you are consciously aware constitute the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

It represents your separation from the Infinite, even though this is impossible.

The ego seeks to attack, to judge a another and in so doing thinks it ensures its safety. Again, this is merely illusion and a cruel distraction from the truth.

At the Zero State I am egoless. The Christ Self, the Aumakua has no ego because it cannot conceive of the illusions to which the ego believes.

What place is there for fear, loss, death and punishment, sin and judgement, when all the Son of God knows is joy, tranquility and the peace that passes all understanding?

Reality, then, is to see with the eyes of the Divine, to see beyond the ego and its lies and insane beliefs. For to see as the ego sees is to see death in everything and little more, a body that soon will become weak, die and turn to dust.

The counter to the ego is forgiveness.

This will bring light to the darkness in which the ego dwells. And it is through cleaning with Ho’oponopono that this holy light and peace will be restored to me.

In forgiveness through cleaning is my sanity restored.