ACIM Lessons 1-8 Supplemental

This morning the Inspiration came to me that these initial lessons might be very useful for a person to use, if, for example they were going through a challenging life situation such as a divorce or break-up, or had an issue with hoarding or of possessiveness over people or things.

For example: This table that we bought together does not mean anything. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, I’m grateful.

The attachment to things here in the physical realm when taken to extremes can become a form of idolatry and is pointless. Attachments to things, the data we have about them, can in some cases be debilitating and lead to all kinds of unnecessary stress on the physical body.

If you are prepared to trust the process, you will find that whatever or whoever is right for you to let go of will fade from your experience quickly and in peace and that whatever or whoever is right for you to continue to experience will remain.

Only Divinity knows what it truly best for you. Why not put God in charge?

Here, then, is an invitation to ask the Divinity to help you ‘let go’ – a key theme of Ho’oponopono.

Let go and Trust. Let go and let God!