Lesson 70: My salvation comes from me.

Lesson 70

My salvation comes from me.

If guilt is an invention of my own mind – the data playing its tricks on me – it must be the case that my salvation is in my own mind also.

If this is so – and the Course assures me that it definitely is – then my rescue from the data, my salvation, has to come from inside me. There is nothing and no-one on the outside that can do it for me.

In Ho’oponopono, this is called taking 100% responsibility. It is up to me to find my own salvation.

The cure for all my ‘ills’, no matter what they may be, is right under my nose, or rather, in my own mind. The cure is right there alongside the sickness.

Being sick will never make me happy. And God wants me to be happy. Therefore He wants me to be healed just as I want to heal! Our Wills are joined in that.

Today’s idea is so closely linked to the premise of Ho’oponopono that I am responsible. Today I will remind myself that:

“My salvation comes from me. It does not come from anywhere else.”

… and I will be thankful that this is so by repeating the key phrases of Ho’oponopono:

I love you. I’m sorry. Forgive me. Thank you.

I will remind myself that salvation is not hidden in the clouds – the illusions and the data. It is in the light that the clouds are obscuring. Today I will gently push the clouds aside to reveal the light within.

Reassuringly, the Course tells me that I do not have to do this alone, for:

“If it helps you, think of me holding your hand and leading you. And I assure you this will be no idle fantasy.”


I will let Him lead the way today as I say:

“My salvation comes from me. I love you, I’m sorry, Forgive me, Thank you.”